EHP Labs Oxyshred

When stubborn body fat refuses to give you a fair crack of the whip, it is time to turn to OxyShred to get ripped. Scientifically research and backed, OxyShred’s potent thermogenic fat burners will kick your metabolism into high gear. The proprietary blend of amino acids, bioactive compounds, herbs, and vitamins not only gives you a rush of energy but also tastes great and helps boost your immune system.

OxyShred gets results fast

One of the reasons hardcore fitness enthusiasts buy OxyShred is because it gets noticeable results fast. A lot of supplements on the market in Australia claim to help you get lean and ripped. When you buy OxyShred, you can be assured those claims are more than just talk.

How to buy OxyShred in Australia

King Beats Fitness makes it super easy to get your hands on OxyShreds. We keep a range of OxyShred products in stock at the gym. From OxyShred whey protein powders to OxySleep and OxyShred, we have access to the best supplements and products from EHP Labs. Customers also can buy OxyShred online

OxyShred comes in a variety of fun flavours, including Fuji Apple, Guava Paradise, and Kiss My Peach. The price of OxyShred is $70 for a 6.1-ounce (172 grams) package.

OxyShred and exercise – a winning combination

OxyShred is a great tool in helping you burn fat so you can get lean and mean. Boost your results with a membership to King Beats Fitness. We offer various fitness classes to get your muscles pumping hard to burn fat. 

Have questions about our membership or how best to pair our fitness classes with the power of OxyShred? Phone us on 1300 5464 23287 or reach out online and a member of our team will be in touch to assist.