Since the incarnation of gyms in the modern world the look and culture has never changed. Repetitive in design with no character and presented with the obvious equipment; white walls and fluorescent lighting. The time has finally arrived for the "King Beats" fitness gym concept to change this entire experience.

Our design ideas began with the wanting to introduce color, art and music to the standard gym stereotype, giving it a nightclub atmosphere to keep our members pumped and excited whilst training.

This was achieved by having the walls inspired by a showcase of graffiti murals relating to the worlds most talented sports and music stars and along with live DJ's embracing music and the club culture, the combination will collaborate to give it the successful "urban feel" we seek and know you will enjoy.

Once our design and concept facets were achieved we set about sourcing the perfect site in inner Sydney as finding the right address was crucial to the success of this project.

So welcome to the new 2020 generation of gyms in this strategic property. King Beats has its 6 meter ceilings, a raw concrete, urban vintage, industrial feeling that you see has been created and set to become one of the worlds most unique memberships.